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Flexi tanks containers

What is a Flexitank that really protects the integrity and quality of your products to their destination?

Also known as Flexibags, Flexitanks are like large bags that are easily configurable within the traditional containers used by liquid transport companies, but with advanced technology, development and security that ensure the handling and transportation of your liquid cargo throughout the world.



Flexitank Solutions

Some characteristics of the Flexitanks are their multilayer composition, facilitating the discharge of hot or cold products, supporting temperatures of up to 60 ° (depending on the case) and maintaining the quality and compatibility of multiple chemical or edible liquids.

The capacity of a Flexitank to transport liquids ranges between 10,000 and 24,000 liters of the most exquisite wines, palm and avocado oils, glycerin and chemical products, among others.

flexitank heating pad

You can transport in flexitanks oil, water, wine and more.

Palm oil
Synthetic latex
Edible oils
Ricinoleic acid

Vegetable oils
Drinking water
Fruit concentrates

Our Flexitanks are internationally certified

We comply with multiple international standards, ensuring not only its manufacture, but also its recycling.


Flexitank shipping

Quickly configurable Flexitanks

Make your loading and unloading more agile, using less labor and lower logistics costs in handling your product and your reputation.

Let's do more deliveries

Save up to 38% on fast and clear rates for your next shipments.

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