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Additional protection and insulation for temperature sensitive load.

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Avoid that the weather and environmental variations affect the integrity of the cargo during the transport of your products.

Made with woven Polypropylene and coated with an Aluminum layer, our Thermoliner is designed to protect your cargo during sea and port transit and final delivery of your products. Its resistance allows the use of forklifts and reuse during the international logistics operation.

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Manufactured directly

Our Thermoliner sheets are developed and produced directly by Omega Internacional, in our production plant in Colombia, under strict quality standards.

Reduce costs while preserving the quality of your products from heat, freezing, humidity, and outside of containers.

An additional barrier against light and heat that absorbs between 80% and 93% of radiation.

Thermoliner protection allows you to transport multiple food and chemical products avoiding radiation, convection and heat conduction. Some of the products we transport are:

• Wines
• Heat sealed products
• Pharmaceutical chemicals
• Margarines and solid fats


Agile assembly, loading and unloading

Nuestros Thermoliners son fácilmente montables y desmontables dentro y fuera del puerto en  menos de 30 minutos, manteniendo los parámetros iniciales de carga y su embalaje.


Doing more business is your focus, making sure your cargo arrives in perfect condition is ours.

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